Dance, Fools, Dance 

This movie was released on 21st February 1931 and written by Aurania Rouverol and directed by Harry Beaumont. It had a budget of $234, 000 and made $1,268,000 of Box Office sales.

Joan Crawford plays a former socialite named Bonnie Jordan. Bonnie is a junior reporter and her brother Rodney, played by William Bakewell, is implicated in a beer-running gang. Rodney drives the car that hunts and guns down a rival group. Bert Scranton ( Cliff Edwards ) who is a journalist colleague of Bonnie’s ends up being murdered when he finds out too much. Jake Luva ( Clark Gable ) who is the chief of the gang is the main of plotting Scranton’s murder leading to Bonnie investigating. She nearly loses her own life after finding out what the gang have been up to but in the end they are brought to account and punished. 


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