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Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco

I would like to thank Virginie for asking me to take part in the Wonderful World of Cinema Grace Kelly Blogathon. I have chosen to write about Grace Kelly’s time as Princess Grace of Monaco.

Most people think of Grace Kellly ( 1929 – 1982 ) as one of the most photographed women of the 2oth century. Alongside this, they remember her elegance, beauty and style. 

Grace Kelly shot to fame as a budding actress in the 1950’s, starring in amongst other films, ones made by Hitchcock. Her image was styled by the film industry and she truely blossomed throughout her eras. 

Whilst working in the South of Francefor the Cannes Film Festival in May 1955, Grace Kelly’s life completely changed it’s course. Although planned as a photo opportunity for the French magazine Paris Match, her meeting with Prince Rainier 111 of Monaco started a short courtship and they were married a year later. Grace Kelly item played upper-class, even some Royal parts on screen, which is funny as it was similar to her future real-life role. 

At the age of 26, Grace Kelly gave up her acting career after her wedding day was televised and in the news. She wanted to devote her time to her new role as Princess of Monaco. Grace focussed on her new husband & family duties but also using her forcible drive and celebrity to support the principality, cultural causes and many charities.

Grace Kelly’s approach to wonderful clothes and material items was of course very candid: ” Our life dictates a certain type of wardrobe. ” Yet she saw fashion as an expression of character: ” I think it is important to see the person first and the clothes afterwards. ”

Grace Kelly had three children, Caroline, Albert and Stephanie and stuck to her Anerican roots. Therefore, having Monegasque and U.S. citizenship.

Sadly, Grace Kelly passed away on 14th September 1982 but her everlasting beauty and amazing story lives on as she was truely a style icon and a fabulous Princess.